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PADUREA CIORNULEASA – is a protected area of national interest that corresponds to the 4th category IUCN (natural reserve, forest type), located in Călărași county, on administrative territory of Mitreni commune [2].

Ciornuleasa Forest Natural Reserve, located in Bărăganului Plain, covers an area of 75.20 ha, and represents a covered area with forest vegetation, composed of species of oak (Quercus robus), oak brumari (Quercus pedunculiflora), elm (Ulmus Carpinifolia), teas (Tilia cardama), hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), ash (Fraximus), etc.

Ciornuleasa Forest (Mitreni Commune)

Natural Reserve (forest and cinegetic).

Rezervaţie naturală (forestieră şi cinegetică).

Established in 1954, the reserve protects plain woodland type forests.

Area: 73.2 ha.

Location: Bărăganului Plain, altitude 45m

It is part of the Production Unit VIII Ciornuleasa, of Mitreni Forest District, the Forestry Department of Calarasi.

Climate: continental temperate, short spring, very hot summers, long and dry autumns, cold winters.

Access roads: county road Mănăstirea – Şoldanu – Luica (8 km)

Property form: state

Secular trees, over 130 years old (oak, mist, ash, etc.).