THE ART MUSEUM – Tourism Silistra Calarasi
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has in its exhibition, a rich prehistoric archaeological collection in which the Gumelnita culture is presented very well and a special exhibition with unique pieces from Gumelnita civilization entitled “Art, Magic and Religion in Prehistory”. From Neolitic are also presented Dudesti, Boianu civilizations, and the Cernavoda culture I. Some representative exhibits illustrate the evolution of the Bronze Age in the western part of the county. From the second iron age are presented the discoveries in the Getic fortress from Căscioarele, century IV – III BC and from the Geto-Dacian dava from Radovanu.

The museum presents works of contemporary artists: Al. Severin, Gheorghe Stanescu, C. Baciu, Aflorii Elena, Cici Constantinescu.